What our patients say

In order to constantly improve the service we offer to our patients we regularly collect patient feedback. The information provided below is a small sample of the comments we have received recently from our patients.

We are interested in your honest opinions, whether they are positive or negative. If you would like to provide us with your valuable feedback please ask your therapist about our patient experience questionnaires.

Thank you to you for all your guidance, understanding and patience. Your words of reasoning and practical support have been a tower of strength to me on my road to recovery and I am now in a better place because of it.

Talking Changes provided a confident, professional practitioner who advised and guided me through a positive, challenging and reflective process. Thank you for your support, knowledge and deeper understanding of self.

Talking Changes has been a real help to me over the past few months. I hope other people who are unwell like me get access to Talking Changes as I think the service is invaluable.

The service has been of tremendous help to me in overcoming short term depression and anxiety. It allowed me a weekly safe spot to voice my worries and problems and helped me find a mental way out of them, it helped me rediscover ways to cultivate more equanimity, mindfulness and resilience - for this I shall always be grateful.

Talking changes is making such a difference with many aspects of my life and my mind.

My therapist was a very caring professional lady; I had full trust and confidence in her from my very first session. She gave me her full support.

My therapist was extremely committed and came across in a very helpful and understanding way. Never making judgements and letting my condition dictate the pace.

The Talking Changes service was a great help to me when I needed help. I found the telephone consultations excellent.

Talking Changes has been a wonderful service that has helped me no end. The service was prompt, efficient and accessible. My Therapist was really, really good and made the structure of the sessions really clear.